Why Tulip and Rose?

There is nothing similar or the same as Allah. Not withstanding this, our ancestors tried to find a symbol for Him. In the end, they chose the word ‘Hilal’, because of the same letters of the word ‘Allah’. It’s the same in letters and also the ‘Ebced’ value which is based on Ebced Calculating with the value of letters. Allah and Hilal both have ebced value of 66. This Hilal is used as a symbol in work of religious structures and arts, therefore the meaning of Hilal on the Turkish flag and domes of mosques can be understood. Also there are the same letters of the word ‘Allah’ in the word ‘Lale’.

It is told that our Prophet Muhammed  loved  roses so much. In works of Turkish Islamic Arts, the tulip is the symbol of Allah and the rose is the symbol of our Prophet. Therefore, Tulip and Rose are the symbols of the most valuable beings.

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